spent grain crackers made in montreal, qc

We offer different flavoured appetizers that go well with a variety of types of beers. Our products are made in Quebec from more than 50% recycled malt called spent grain.


At Saison 2, it is essential to continuously innovate by developing new recipes. We want to take your taste buds on a journey by pairing food and beer.

fighting food waste

In our opinion, the best way to create a product is to reuse without wasting. That’s why we decided to take it upon ourselves to revive the leftover malt it in each of our recipes.


Our delicious products are made with quality ingredients, local when possible and free of food additives. They are handmade in the heart of Montreal.


Brewers spent grain, also known as draff,
is the leftover malt once the liquid has been extracted
from the mashing process during the brewing of beer.

This spent grain is highly nutritious and has a taste of cereal!

the rescue team

Chloé and Félicie are the cofounders of Saison 2.
Together they created this innovative company to finally
offer a solution to all those who wish to make their aperitif a gourmet
and environmentally friendly moment.

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