Humans behind Saison 2

Saison 2: A story of friendship and brew

The story of Saison 2 begins with the budding friendship of two waitresses, Chloé and Félicie, who mastered and loved everything about Quebec microbreweries. Being invested in environmental issues, they were both confronted to the management problem involving spent grains in urban areas.

Montreal produces more than 3000 tons of grain residues every year, which represent a real problem for brewers and a considerable waste of nutrients, especially when you know that spent grains are made up of 70% fibers and 20% proteins. After a year and a half of hard full-time work, we can proudly announce that the first series of Saison 2 products is available in almost a 100 points of sale all across Quebec.

Do you want to know more about Saison 2 and their suppliers? Then read below!

Chloé Roy-Michel

Chloé, our part-time militant, is also passionate about local initiatives and short supply circuits (chains?) in the food industry. In her daily life, she finds happiness in talking with other people, which explains her roles as Head of sales and marketing. As for her professional background, Chloé has a bachelor’s degree in environment and territorial development.

-Likes to sweat
-Listens to way too much ASMR
-Her addiction: Her essential oil diffuser
-Her favorite beer: Dunham’s Sovy

To contact Chloé:

Félicie Desmazières

Felicie left Paris for Quebec’s great landscapes and slower pace of life five years ago (we still don’t know why she didn’t choose Abitibi or Gaspesie over Montreal, though). As a patient perfectionist, she likes when everything is in order, helping us to keep the company’s structure stable.  Thanks to her culinary talents, she was able to develop all Saison 2’s recipes! Felicie graduated in hotel management, a key skill in the production and finance sectors of the company.

-Cat lover
-Actively looking for a tennis partner
-Her addiction: Excel tables
-Her favorite beer: Dunham’s La Saison du Pinacle

To contact Felicie:

Thomas minguy

Thomas is the first employee of Saison 2 and he raises the bar for future ones. A talkative and talented multi-tasker, he can make an astute critic of Avril Lavigne’s most recent song and reveal his secret spaghetti sauce, all while not burning a single cracker batch!

Futhermore, he is completing a doctorate in philosophy at McGill University, where he balances the art of cooking with the art of thinking (quite poetic, eh?)

-His favorite beer : Cool Cool from Avant-Garde

atelier universel

Manuel Mineau and Stephanie St-Jean Aubre (L’ENSEMBLE VIDE) are the brains behind Atelier Universel, a small Rosemont based printing company. While creating their own art pieces and books, they also contribute to custom projects in collaboration with local companies. Atelier Universel is responsible for designing and printing our packaging. Few are those that can make us feel the elegance of a font or the richness of a paper type as well as Manu and Steph do.  Since the love for their creations is contagious, it is quite a pleasure for us to work with them!

newfounland salt company

In 2017, Peter Burt and Robin Crane moved in the small charismatic town of Bona Vista, Newfoundland, to make salt, but not any kind of salt. Peter and Robin always wanted to share their handmade sea salt with those who can distinguish quality, purity and that know how to appreciate the rich flavor of simple, but well-made things. Furthermore, Peter and Robin decided to move to Bona Vista for its water quality, which is way less polluted than the water found in great bigger cities. It is with great trust that we use the Canadian salt from Newfoundland Salt Company in our products!

Photo : Mathis Denis

Le moulin des cèdres

Le Moulin des Cèdres is a family-owned company that facilitates access to organic products by processing and distributing grains from local agriculture. In 2013, the Moulin des Cèdres project was officially launched. Built from recycled equipment and then refurbished, the mill is mostly used in the processing of wheat harvested on farms in organic flours.

With the knowledge from Agrobio, organic flour from the Longpré family is now used in our crackers!

André et Dominic Palardy

Located in Saint-Damase, the Palardy family harvests, since 1974, a wide range of vegetables, most notably our famous and fresh Habanero peppers, used in our Habanero pepper and paprika crackers. You can find them in Jean-Talon Market from June to September!