Spent Grain Products

Season 2’ crackers are made from over 50% of recycled malt called brewers “spent grains”, the main ingredient in the beer process. The grains are composed of 20% of proteins and 70% of fibers, making it a very nutritious snack.

 All products  are available in sticks or thin square crackers! 

Newfoundland Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers

Product description : 

this recipe is perfect for all lovers of chips who are looking for a healthier option.

Pairing tip :

For light blond beers with delicate flavors, it’s best to pair them with something subtle so that you can fully appreciate the delicate flavors of the beer. As we know, salt is a famous flavor enhancer. Light aromatic blond beers are therefore best paired with this type of cracker.

The caramelization of the malt generally present in red or Marzen-style beers combines well with the salt crystals of the crackers. This combination of flavors creates a salty caramel effect. A similar combination of flavors is also possible with lightly hopped porters with chocolate aromas.

Balsam Fir & Garlic Crackers

Product description :

If you have Quebec deep in your heart, you’ll love our crackers that feature the distinctive aromas of Quebec balsam fir from the Écomacaque farm.


Pairing tip :

The resinous character of the conifer and the bitterness of American IPAs as well as beers containing American hops combine well with the similar taste of fir.

Farmhouse-style beers, which have a drier, cereal body and a rounder and sweeter character of fir thorns also complement well with these flavors.

Fennel & Black Pepper Crackers

Product description :

An explosion of anise and peppery flavors emanate from these crackers. BONUS: they will pair wonderfully with your fish tartars!

Pairing tip :

White beers, which are usually citrusy or tangy when berries such as raspberries are involved, pair wonderfully with the fennel seeds found in the crackers, amplifying the flavors of both.

Saison-type beers, defined by their rustic and robust yeast, combine well with the spicy- peppery taste of the product.

Habanero Chilli & Paprika Crackers

Product description :

For Those who can’t live wihtout Sriracha sauce, our Habanero pepper and paprika crackers are based on the signature spicy sauce recipe of Alexandre, Félicie’s boyfriend. Spicy with hints of peaches make them a sure choice for spice lovers.

Pairing tip :

The Roasted malt found in conventional stouts evoke a familiar taste of coffee and dark chocolate, which contrasts well with the spiciness of Habanero pepper. It’s when you bite into a spicy cracker that the round and sweet stout will soothe your taste buds.

The pairings were written by Dave Spoerry, Cicerone Certified Beer Sommelier


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